What are ski extras?

If you’re new to skiing then the term “ski extras” refers to the extra things you need in order to go skiing in addition to the usual holiday requirements – a lift pass, any lessons, and your ski or snowboard rentals.

Lift Passes

In both ski areas of Andorra (Vallnord & Grandvalira) the ski passes are usually electronic, which means that you can leave it inside your pocket, usually on your left-hand side, and the machine at the entrance to the lift will read your pass and allow you through.

We’d suggest pre-booking your lift pass, which you can do here: Andorra Ski Passes

Ski & Snowboard School

There are nine ski schools across the two main ski areas, one in each resort, offering both ski and snowboard lessons. You can choose either private lessons or group lessons, depending on your travel dates and your budget. Private lessons mean you should progress quicker although work out more expensive if there aren’t many in your group, and group lessons normally work out cheaper if you’re planning on taking several hours of lessons but normally run from Monday to Friday.

Ski & Snowboard Rental

Instead of buying skis or a snowboard and then having to pay for servicing and carriage, as well as finding a place to store them, most people decide to rent their equipment for their ski holiday. If you’re a beginner it means you can just go for the cheapest option and try it to see if you like it, but for more experienced skiers or snowboarders it means you can rent top of the range equipment from the current season every time you get on the mountain. Click the link to the right to save a minimum of 25% off your ski and snowboard hire.